Do you have around 5-8 seconds to impress someone with your message? What would you do? If you fail to catch the attention of your prospects, you’ll lose the opportunity. 

Either you are using automation tools or sending messages, you must craft creative subject lines to get better responses from the prospects.


Why do attractive subject lines matter?

Why it is important to write a creative and personalized subject line is because if it doesn’t resonate with the prospects’ interests, it will directly land in the spam folder. The average open rate for LinkedIn messages is 17.92%. It can even drop down more when sales teams use 5 years old subject lines templates that never stand out.

With that being said, let’s have a look at the 5 best Practices to write effective subject lines that will improve email opening and response rate. 


  1. Don’t Forget Personalization

In today’s competitive landscape, the first rule is to embrace personalization if you want to stand out from the rest. 

With you’re sending messages manually or using a LinkedIn automation tool, you should send personalized and relevant messages to pique your prospects’ interests. 

A powerful way to add personalization to your subject line is to be very specific and add content that would interest them.


  1. Keep it short and brief

Always keep your subject lines and messages straight and clear. There’s no need to dilute or manipulate them with irrelevant information because your prospects would simply reject them. So, a simple and general rule is to make it short and to the point. 

According to research, more than 50% of LinkedIn users use it on their phones and they don’t read subject lines that are long or irrelevant.

However, if you have something specific to ask or share, then it might be worth writing a long subject line. 


  1. Provide Value

The more value you add to the subject line and message, the better result you get. 

Well, prospects, especially on LinkedIn are professionals and most of them are running businesses, so if there’s anything they care about is:

  • Growing sales pipeline
  • Increase connections
  • Avail more opportunities
  • Generate more revenue


So, providing value in your subject lines is what makes your prospects' life easier in some way. So, it’s better to do research and provide them what they have been looking for. 


  1. Provide FOMO

FOMO-Fear of missing out is commonly used as a tactic to attract prospects’ attention. 

The best ways to use FOMO are:

  • Give exclusive offers such as discounts
  • Highlight what they might miss if they don’t get the product


For good results, you need to maintain trust with your leads. Down the line, use some attractive subject lines such as:


  • Hurry up before the discount is over!
  • Don’t miss out on this opportunity
  • Limited time discount. The clock is ticking


  1. Ask Questions in Subject Lines


The purpose of writing subject lines should have one goal: to get a reply from the prospects. 

It’s your subject line that will make sure that your message gets opened and answered. To trigger your prospects to answer your emails, start writing questions in your subject lines to intrigue them. Ask them interesting questions such as:


  • Do you want to generate 10x more leads?
  • Do you want to improve your sales pipelines by 10X?
  • How can you get 10x more leads in just a few days?



With these practices, you can write the best and creative subject lines that will get the attention of your prospects and they will bring you really good results.


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